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Vortex Splash Guards Technologies ( VSGT) introduces an unparalleled fusion of design and technology with our patented Louvered design that channel's air and spray, forces downward through the ports, reducing the dead airspace behind the flap, which is the root cause of drag that effects fuel economy.

UTC SimCenter studies show airflow (slat'd) flaps are more efficient resulting in a 1\2 to 1% fuel reduction. (sponsored by the Riverbend Technology Institute). That means for the average trucker a $400 - $800  savings per year. National Sim Center recognized.

As with a multitude of the aerodynamic & performance driven technologies incorporated in automotive and trucking designs of today, gleaned from the world of racing, Vortex Splash Guards, by optimising airflow have dialled into this "tried,  proven, and true racing Technology".

Vortex Technology (VT), particularly when installed on cars, SUV's, pick-ups, and even SEMI's (with Fenders), performs like an air routing system that helps facilitate cooler running brakes and tires increasing tire & brake life for safer roads and a cleaner environment (less fuel & tires consumed). During inclement weather, as speed is increased, water standing on the road affects:  directional stability, traction and fuel economy. A Semi truck/trailer can carry as much as one ton of water an hour- that power has to be made up by its power plant. Acting as a one way valve, our louvered splashguard system facilitates the "quick release" of water and air resulting in improved traction & stability, maximum performance, protection, & safety!...As in racing, where form always follows function, your ride will stay lean and pristine with precision styling from every angle... resulting in longer lasting protection for less money and effort - from fuel & soap to rubbing compound, that without flaps you'd otherwise spend loads of time; cleaning road grime, covering up scratches, and repairs from pitting and chipping. If you're a SEMI Truck, fleet owner/broker you'll likewise garner that all important edge to proudly cross the finish line without incident, on time, & with the competitive advantage! Vortex's sleek lined, front and rear wheeled louvered diffuser design, has transformed the sports car, pickup  & SUV markets resulting in one of the"badest" ground effect stances the industry has ever seen when it comes to mudguards! Given  the shift in "Stealth like" truck designs of today...they even make a Semi Truck look hot!

The louvered ribs increases the structural integrity of the flap further facilitating a light weight design.  Vortex Splash Guards don't need brackets to hold them down. Slot's in the louvers reduce wind pressure that is the root cause for the flap to sail, diffusing splash  and spray rearward and downward. Less side spray aids all highway drivers particularly involving SEMI's  and Trailers, when overtaking or approaching rigs in adverse weather conditions. Quadruple the size Quadrupled the drag & overspray!

Three (3) sizes fit any car, pick-up SUV or van. For SEMI's & Trailers, the "traditional 4 bolt hole" injection molded louvered design  results in the most economical resilient and light weight mud flap ever produced while freeing  up extra payload capacity. With razor sharp competition...every pound counts. Our largest flap weighs in at 4lbs (24"X36" - AVAILBLE IN ALL SIZES).

What has more recently caught the OE & aftermarket's attention, besides the attention  grabbing dynamism of our performance technology, is the synergy that our technology has with the future of Aerodynamic Car & Truck/Trailer designs relative to Green House Gas Reduction & Gov't initiatives such as the EPA Smart Way program - that even promotes aerodynamic mirrors- that is evidently now on everyone's radars.  PACCAR KENWORTH PETERBILT & Volvo's recognition of the value of Aerodynamic mudflaps say's it all. For the Fleet Owner our technology adds enormous value to your fleets efforts to generate good will as highway users recognise your continued efforts to champion safer roads, while saving energy and  projecting a green image!

Whether you're an OEM, fleet owner, or average car enthusiast, this combination of proven race technology  adapted to an innovative design and unique concept, beautifully integrated, can maximise the ownership experience from driving dynamics, to reliability, to outstanding efficiency and environmental responsibility.