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Our mission :

 Through the use of high impact multi media concepts and motor sports technology, our company is driven by a desire to make a global impact in the lives and world we live in, promoting the latest in Performance, Protection, Styling & Safety!  

Patented in US, Canada, and most recently in Europe.  

As you can see from the main menu Vortex Splash Guards Technologies Inc. ( VSGTI ) are proud to have partnered with a host of cutting edge world class companies & organisations. Our technology applies a broad spectrum of markets on a global platform. We value their support and respective high level of integrity they have brought to the broad base of; OEM’s Distribution, dealer and retailer networks responsible for getting our technology into your hands.

Engineered Plastics www.engineeredplastics.com, hold exclusive North American license, for the Semi Truck/Trailer Market through VSTGI. Engineered plastics is a custom plastic injection molding company located in Lake City, PA. Founded in 1978 that has grown to offer turnkey product design, manufacturing and distribution. It's state-of-the art 62,000 square foot molding facility is both climate-controlled and process-controlled.

Our louvered full width removable hitch mount combined with our singles splash guard, results in and unparalleled Air/Spray Protection System. The overall result is max resiliency and protection to meet the needs of the most "X"treme enthusiasts from champion off-shore, Sea-doo, ATV and moto-cross pro's, hauling from race to race, to the average recreational Boating and sledding enthusiast.

Stromberg Carlson, www.strombergcarlson.com supply the full width Louvered Tow Guard for the RV, Coach, light commercial markets in North America. Hopkins Manufacturing www.hopkinsmfg.com supply the pick-up, SUV, Van & car markets in North/Central America on an aftermarket front. 

We're thrilled that Vortex Mud Guards were recently selected by a world class panel of industry experts, who officially declared Vortex Splash Guards were indeed "Cool Green technology" and subsequently showcased in the first ever "making Green Cool zone" program at SEMA Las Vegas - worlds largest automotive tradeshow!  In the wake of the fuel crisis, "green technology" is not only considered "cool" but crucial! We're proud to announce  PACCAR ( Kenworth & Peterbilt) officially launched through North America & Mexico.  A "new era" of Mud Guards has indeed, officially begun!

Whether its the Safety or "Stance" FACTOR, our technology makes a difference. You've asked for it. We delivered it! With your support, we promise to do the best we can to establish a network of the premier, one stop shopping, companies you've come to trust. Stay tuned as more; world class, Distributor, Dealer & Retailer, choices become available in an area near you. Until then we encourage you to drop by any JC Whitney, Pepboy’s across the nation or buy online at the links supplied from the main menu.

For more information on; Distribution, Dealer, and Retail opportunities, or to find a store nearest you, click back to the main menu and contact the respective supply channel. Any further questions please call toll free 1-888-848 -7141 or send us an e-mail at info@vortexsplashguard.com .