Cleaning The Throttle Body

Not long after I got the car, I noticed that the gas pedal sometimes felt somewhat sticky. After doing some reading on SaturnFans and XtremeSaturn, I discovered that this is usually caused by carbon build-up inside the throttle body. So, I removed the air intake pieces and then removed the two bolts and three vacuum hoses to remove the throttle body. Here is what I saw when I removed it!

No wonder the pedal was sticky! So, using some throttle body cleaner, some WD-40 and an old tooth brush, I scrubbed and cleaned until all the carbon was gone and it looked like this...

This made a significant improvement in the throttle response. After reassembling all the pieces, I started the car and used the throttle body cleaner once again to run through the engine. This REALLY helped get the carbon out of the intake manifold. The whole process helped my throttle response and gas mileage.