Getting The SC Home

As I mentioned on the main page, I bought this car in Ottawa, Ontario. I am from North Bay, Ontario, so it was about a 380 km trip each way to pick up this car. My friend Brian was more than happy to drive me there to pick up the car.

When I saw the ad for this car in the Auto Trader, it said that the car needed a new catalytic convertor. After talking to the owner on the phone, he said the cat was plugged up so bad, the car would barely move. He was very certain that if the cat was removed or gutted, it would run fine. He also said that if we couldn't get it to run right by gutting or removing the cat, he wouldn't expect me to still buy the car. The whole family was very nice and helpful :-)

I gathered up all the tools I could fit into the trunk of Brian's Miata and hoped that we would have enough stuff to either cut the cat out and put in a piece of pipe, or just gut the thing and bolt it back together. The owner was VERY helpful! He let us use his garage and whatever tools he had to get the car running again. We jacked up the car, and after doing a little looking around, I decided that we should see if we could loosen the bolts that join the header to the cat... Risky, I know, on an 11 year old exhaust system. But, with the help of a propane torch, three came loose and one broke! Not too bad! We got the fourth one out later.

Now that we could see inside the cat, it was very clear that the cat was plugged up! With a variety of tools such as a drill, a chisel, a vacuum cleaner, a paper towl roll and a small soup ladle, I was able to completely gut the cat! After we had the mess all cleaned up, we bolted it back together (putting Never-Sieze on the bolts) and lowered the car back onto the ground.

As soon as I started up the car, you could hear the difference and I knew at that point I was going to buy the car. I took the car for a drive and I was very impressed with how it drove and how well it ran. When we got back to his house, we did the paper work and then began the trip back to North Bay.

The trip back to North Bay was fun... It was snowing so hard, you couldn't really see much more than about 20 feet in front of you, and that was doing good. That makes a 380 km trip a LOT longer! But we made it back safely! The car went in for a safety a few days after I got it home and now it is insured, licensed and on the road.

Here are a few pictures I took on the trip.

Up on the jack in the owner's garage.

In the parking lot of Timmy's on the way home!